Renaissance Crio Gel

The absolute MUST HAVE to fight fat deposits and cellulite, because Renaissance Crio Gel contains phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate, just like Michelangelo PDC PLUS.

Renaissance Crio Gel combines first-class biological active ingredients that are excellent for the removal of pre-treated fat cells (lipolysis, RF techniques, e.g. Agnes treatments or Cool Techniques).

When used regularly at home, Renaissance Crio Gel supports the detoxification of fat deposits and harmful substances in the skin, for an improved, more even skin appearance and greater well-being.

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  • Cellulite
  • Post-treatment/supplement to lipolysis treatment
  • In combination with RF techniques (Agnes)
  • for home care after Crio techniques

Main components:

Phosphatidylcholine, deoxycholate, caffeine, menthol, eucalyptus.

Renaissance Crio Gel is a cosmetic product for topical application, manufactured in Italy. MedSaB GmbH and its subsidiaries distribute this product exclusively in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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