Michelangelo PDC Plus Complex

Michelangelo PDC PLUS Complex (phosphatidylcholine) is a soya bean extract containing 5% phosphatidylcholine and 2.4% deoxycholate. It is used to treat local fat deposits and cellulite. The new, concentrated formula makes Michelangelo PDC PLUS Complex particularly effective (for breaking down fat and firming the skin) and suitable for use in combination with Tiziano Complex if required.

We recommend using it in conjunction with the Renaissance Crio Gel to really maximise its fat-reducing effects.

Michelangelo PDC PLUS Complex can be used for lipolysis and optimising contours in the face and body.

Main components:

Phosphatidylcholine, deoxycholate, amino acids, alpha lipoic acid

Michelangelo is a cosmetic product, made and bottled sterile in Italy. Medsab Gmbh and its subsidiarys have the exclusive right to market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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